Prototype: Losing your job



  • I am 50, and have just lost my job in private industry
  • I have received 2 weeks severance pay
  • I want to know what help is available to me
  • I rent and have savings that will cover about a month of living expenses
  • I do not need emergency/crisis support, but do need some form of unemployment welfare


  • This person already has an online account and is a known customer to government. No registration etc required.
  • This person is starting at google, and choosing to deal directly with Govt. Another scenario is being developed where the person goes via a third party.
  • A generic brand is being used to remain neutral to any branding discussion or decision that is happening in parallel.
  • No face to face interaction is needed – this scenario can be completed online

- Content and transaction consumed on
- Content on, transaction on agency site
- Links with short overviews on, everything else on agency site
- Same as Scenario C but with more content on entry point

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