Prototype: Study in Australia



  • I am 23, female
  • I'm a 23yr old French student and I'm thinking about completing some of my tertiary 'physics' study in Australia. I'm interested in some of the work that's going on at the University of Australia.
  • I want to know:
    • Course options
    • Scholarships
    • Visa requirements
    • Accomodation


  • This person does not have an online account and do not need one in order to complete required tasks.
  • This person is starting at google, and choosing to deal directly with Govt. Another scenario is being developed where the person goes via a third party.
  • A generic brand is being used to remain neutral to any branding discussion or decision that is happening in parallel.
  • No face to face interaction is needed – this scenario can be completed online

- Start at to find an institution
- Start at university as enrolled student, directed to immigration for selecting and applying for a Visa

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